The Amahoro Coalition

The Amahoro Coalition

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The CoalitionTransforming the African refugee narative

Amahoro Coalition is an African-led initiative convening business leaders from the region to spearhead the engagement of the private sector in transforming refugee communities. Focusing on education and livelihoods, the Coalition amplifies existing refugee initiatives, stimulates awareness and interest among businesses across the region, generates solutions by facilitating concrete private sector commitments, and serves as a dynamic hub to catalyze policies that encourage companies to integrate refugees within their supply chains.

The Coalition focuses on three interconnected channels: communication, solution generation, and advocacy.



We amplify existing initiatives and issues surrounding the refugee cause, especially as it pertains to the African private sector. We do this to generate awareness and cultivate interest among businesses across the region.
Our work promotes systematized collaboration and coordination across the continent in championing refugee economic inclusion.

Solution Generation

We act as a channel for facilitating concrete private sector commitments while serving as a dynamic hub for generating innovative solutions around skills development, entrepreneurial opportunities, and employment programs. We also provide research support and strategic guidance to private sector firms that are keen to engage with refugee communities to ensure mutual benefit for both.


We work as an advocacy bloc, guiding governments on policy matters and regulations on up-skilling refugees and their employment. The Coalition’s policy advisory work creates a conducive environment to make it easier for businesses to train and hire refugees – either as employees in their firms or entrepreneurs along their supply chains.

The partners

Amahoro’s partners

We have been able to build partnerships with organisations across different sectors with the common goal of supporting refugee economic empowerment. Our current partners include:

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